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Economic Analyze

Economic analysis and business plan provided by EagleHydroPower

We all know that investing in hydro power plants costs a lot. In fact 1 million Euros for 1 MW/h is easily exceeded. Maximal water flow is aimed for all the time but in reality one has to deal with an efficiency of no more 50 to 60%.
That ultimately means that in fact 1 MW/h doesn’t cost you 1 million Euros but rather 1,4 million Euros of investment money !
So logically it takes 40 to 50% longer before you get a return on your investment.
“Eagle Hydro Power” offers a solution to this problem without asking for additional investment and without affecting the already existing system.


Both on an economical as well as on a financial level the “Mirakatec ® Pumping System” offers a highly competitive advantage to every investor. Production efficiency will increase from 50-60 % up to close to a 100% which will allow for short-term liquidity and long-term solvency. Our system ,when applied to a normal hydro power plant, will provide electricity for every day of the year making it a constant, sustainable and stable source of energy.
Consider this : it initially costs you 5 million Euros as an investor to obtain 5 MW/h. But unfortunately due to an unstable cyclic output of only 55 to 60 %, you won’t get more than something in the neighborhood of 3 MW/h.
By optimizing this process with our  “Mirakatec ® Pumping System” it is possible to obtain an effective cost reduction of 40% as you then have an electricity production of +/- 4,8 MW/h.
Not only will this increase the company’s takings without changing the sales prices, it’ll also thrust the current value of the plant and boost the investment return rates.
Keep in mind that in this highly competitive market bankers prefer clients with the above-mentioned profile.

Summary of advantages 

Investing in Mirakatec ® Pumping system gives you the following advantages:
• Minimizes the effective cost of the investment by 40%.
• Increases the production efficiency and sustainability (24/7, all year round).
• Converts you in a trusted and preferred supplier compared to other suppliers.
• Shortens the period of the investment return, increases the rates of the investment return and the value of the company, and at the same time boosts the profit of the shareholders.
• Creates credit facilities, a number one investment.

Our company’s responsibilities and guarantees

Once the project implemented the production increase to maximum capacity is covered 100% by our company
• The mechanism is designed, manufactured, installed, operated, and cared for by "Eagle Hydro Power"
• Equipment and production are covered by us for 100%
• Our water transport service is guaranteed for the period stipulated and agreed upon in the contract

What we expect from our stakeholders

• You prepare your facility and your platform surface so as to facilitate a proper implementation
• Your company pays  a predetermined  percentage of the value of the production increase obtained from the use of our system, and this at a regular and contract based pace
• Your company can only benefit from this service when the plant is in fact producing and has a contract with the state to sell the maximum output
• Your company should have a power generating equipment with acceptable and certified output capacity


This system is currently available at any time, produced according to the specific characteristics of each project individually.

Duration of the project

Once the contract is signed the system is put to work within 3 to 6 months, depending on weather and geographical conditions.

Duration of contract

Each contract lasts as long as the hydro-energy company needs this system. From the moment that this company doesn’t want to make use of our system anymore, it is free to terminate the contract without any liability towards "Eagle Hydro Power",  considering that this contract is private and between two private companies.

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