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Company "Eagle Hydro-Power"

Description of the company
"Eagle Hydro Power", is a joint stock company operating in the service sector, where by means of our "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" (patent with individual ownership) we succeed in maximizing the output of any existing hydro power plant and thus exploit the potential of its capacity to the fullest.
We don’t compete with existing energy producing companies that but rather team up with them as a partner and help him to obtain a steady and reliable energy output throughout the year
Our company sets out to transport various liquids, especially water, through the use of  "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" (F.A.G.A.S. : Fluid Artificial Gravity Acceleration System), a system which is a mosaic of hydraulic and mechanical elements.
The system can be suitably applied in the infrastructure of existing power plants. Plants generally have a common problem. Regardless the way they’re constructed, they can’t provide the necessary water capacity to maximize their energy production.
Their maximum annual production only reaches up to 55-60% of the full capacity of their installation.
Such plants could indeed make good use of the "Mirakatec ® Pumping System".
We make it possible for water emerging from the turbines to return back to its starting point, thus enabling maximum exploitation of the capacity.
We bring this opportunity to all existing Hydro-Power plants, ensuring the highest production output throughout the entire year, which means an actual increase of 40 to 45%.
We offer this opportunity without any investment whatsoever from the stakeholder; Under the conditions negotiated in the formulation of the contract we limit ourselves in claiming a percentage of the increased production.
The exclusive use of this technology is in the hands of our company “Eagle Hydro Power”.

Let’s illustrate this with an example:

  • Imagine an existing hydropower plant with a theoretical capacity of 100MW/h but with only an actual average annual output of no more than 60MW/ h. Our system can pump the water from the turbine level back to the level of the dam. This way you get close to obtaining the 100% potential of the plant, being the full 100 MW/h all year round, meaning an increase of about 40%. We not only install this system but take care of its maintenance as well, all free of charge.          
  • "Eagle Hydro Power" offers local companies in the Balkan area the possibility of a tailor made cooperation on the basis of a "joint venture" for their specific national region. The reason for this custom made approach is the client’s familiarity with local legislation and their market’s particularities.  This way we speed up the development and the actual implementation of this product in that specific market. Once a cooperation agreement with Eagle Hydropower is reached we can even consider a full partnership.

Our company’s mission :
To increase the production capacity of hydro-energy industry, to create sustainable green energy sources and to contribute to the fight against global warming.

Our area of operation :

"Eagle Hydro Power" operates in the Balkan area, namely Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Montenegro. Largely in water pumping ,water transport in general and more specifically in the hydropower industry. The energy demand in this region is growing and furthermore we can easily state that investing in hydro energy is a safe and stable venture. The current demand for green energy is at an all time high and offers our potential customers an excellent perspective.

Our management team :

The "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" brand is owned by "MIRAKATEC" and registered in Germany. The brand delegates the right to exclusive use of this product to the company "Eagle Power”.
The company "Eagle Power” delegates the exclusive right for this product to the company "Eagle Hydro Power" and to the company “Turbo Turbine” with regards to the fabrication of the product. We have also reached an agreement with certain West European companies for the production of specific constituent elements.

Our primary objectives:

  • To guarantee a sufficient supply of water throughout the entire year and to increase the production of energy up to 95-97% of the hydropower plant’s capacity, this way meeting the energy market’s requirements.
  • Collaborating with and co-coordinating new hydropower projects, from the very beginning of their operation, in order to meet the energy market’s requirements.
  • To contribute in the struggle against global warming seen as this is a clean and eco-friendly source of energy.
  • Turning hydro energy into a sustainable source of energy and consequently increasing the value of the product and service performed by "Eagle Hydro Power"

Benefits of our product

  • "Mirakatec ® Pumping System turns existing hydropower plants in sustainable energy sources and increases the annual economic benefits in the amount of 40-50% or more.
  • Sustainable energy production turns hydropower plants into reliable sources which actually increases the sales price in the market and generates more production in the total economy.
  • Higher productivity, higher sales prices, generates more economic activity and automatically causes a rapid return on  investment, allowing you to speed up your banking loan payments. This reduces the total payable banking interest.
  • The application of this system by bringing back the necessary volume of water into the lake or basins fully exploits the entire potential of a hydro plant’s turbines.
  • All  costs involving the "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" are covered by our company, the client does not need to invest into the  installation, purchase nor maintenance of the equipment. All services, spare parts, operation, even total replacement if necessary, are guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • Increased production makes for  increased revenues and reduces the return time of the investment (ROE), making the investment more profitable.
  • Investment in hydro energy is a safe and stable investment because customers have better perspective than other competitors in the energy market. Our product also has a growing trend and this will even increase in the decades to come.
  • "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" is applicable in every existing plant, not even limited by geographical terrains. It’s produced in about  3 months from the time of the signing of  the contract (depending of course on the total capacity).
  • The company doesn’t compete with existing energy producing companies, but it is more of a partner providing an increase in  production the whole year round.
  • We prefer working with clients in their own region. It should be noted that "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" is suitable for any terrain and is not limited by its terms.
  • We can’t speak In terms of market shares seen that "Eagle Hydro Power" has no direct competitor in this new field. The needs met by our product and service are essential. We maximize the efficiency of electricity production. In every other area in which it a pumping system can be implemented we are able to reduce  the operation’s energy costs.  "Eagle Hydro Power"
  • Satisfaction for the work outcome is the satisfaction of all
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