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The description of "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" technology

The system:

"Mirakatec ® Pumping System" is a mosaic of mechanical and hydraulic components. It’s composed of several innovative elements, individually recorded as patents but once assembled forming our unique artificial gravity generator for fluids.

Our system generates an artificial gravity field that is bigger than the earth’s natural gravity. This results in the liquid moving in the opposite direction of natural gravity. That allows us to redirect the liquid from level zero back to level one without spending extra energy.

This system only needs a small amount of energy in order to create the artificial gravity field. About ten times less than normally would be required to pump the water back to its starting point.

Although our pumping system is a relatively compact one, it goes without saying that there is a required minimum size.  That’s why we mainly focus on industrial applications.

By returning the water to the lake or the basin we insure a continuous presence of an optimal water volume so that the plant can work at full capacity at all times, whatever the climate circumstances are.
This turns the hydro-energy industry into a safe, pollution free and generally environment friendly and stable source of electricity.

In function of the demands of the company experts we carefully and steadily keep up with the determined level quota. The throughput (after the passage by the turbines) will follow its natural path without risking damage or flooding like it might have done in the past. The system is directed by a sensor in the basin which commands the pump to restore the necessary volume of water if need be.

This technology is a combination of innovations and allows us to obtain significant energy savings. "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" can be applied in the entire hydro-energy market in every existing plant, regardless of the geographical circumstances. It suffices to enter into a contract with “Eagle Hydro Power” to get access to this explosive know-how. We deliver within 3 to 6 months from the time of the signing of a contract, depending of course on the size of the demanded capacity.

The F.A.G.A.S "Mirakatec ® Pumping System" can be widely applied in fields of hydro-power industry, mining industry, firefighting industry, agriculture industry, industrial waterworks, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, drinking water industry and other fields.
We contribute directly to the reduction of their production costs.
E.g. : by replacing their traditional system mining companies are able to pump water from underground galleries to the surface spending up to 85% less energy than before.

The actual implementation of our system in an existing plant allows for a increase in that company’s revenue and creates at the same time the opportunity for that particular region to have a sustainable, guaranteed and stable energy production, even with regards to a possible export to other regions.

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